About Us

We’re all the same,we all love nature,we all love peaceful lives. We can join together to make our lives more relaxed and easeful.

Our Mission

We strive to build the reliable and durable outdoor camping and hiking equipment that creates the most value for our customers, help outdoor enthusiasts to embrace and feel the beauty of the nature.

Our Values

Nowadays most people’s lives are under great pressure. We hope that everyone have the opportunity to run away from the urban on weekends, make the life slow down and embrace nature. Relax and enjoy times with friends and family, and feel the breath of nature.

Camping and hiking factory

Corporate Information

Yido outdoor has been focusing on the field of outdoor products. We have rich experience in OEM and ODM services for Camping and hiking equipment.

We are dedicated to provide “High and stable quality” and “One-stop outdoor solutions” to our customers. Yido outdoor is dedicated to help people enjoy the great outdoor experience.

We are passionate to provide reliable and durable camping and hiking gear for outdoor enthusiasts.

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